U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionThe world of traveling by plane changes almost daily, so it’s hard to keep up with what you can and can’t take on a plane. If you are having trouble understanding what you can take through customs, check out some of the prohibited items below.

Meat Products

Even dry meat products, such as soup mix or bouillon, won’t get past customs, especially from countries where diseases spread through livestock easily, such as Africa, so keep it at the grocery store.

Designer Replicas

These can be so cheap in some countries that it may be tempting to grab as many as you can and stock up, but customs officers enforce this so much that they are allowed to take away your “fake but similar” bags.

Better leave this bag at home!More than $10,000 in Cash

To show Customs that you aren’t a drug smuggler, it’s required to report your money first. This may be a pain, especially if you are trying to move and have a lot of money or you just want to take some cash, but you also need to be safe when carrying this much money. It’s very easy to be mugged.


If you want to see a full list of items you aren’t allowed to take through American customs, check out their site: CPB.gov.