Extra charges and taxes

Most countries in Asia will charge extra fees like visa-on-arrivals and departure tax. Be aware that these charges are going to happen ahead of time and how much they will cost so that you aren’t caught unprepared. Also, be prepared to have different ways to pay. Some airlines and special places will not accept credit cards.

Don’t dress to impress

When you’re taking a holiday to Asia, be aware that their style of clothing differs greatly in some places than other parts of the world. If you can, try to plan ahead of time the clothing you will wear for the part of the continent that you will be heading to so you are comfortable and don’t offend the locals.

Different languages

There are so many different dialects and languages spoken in Asia, and although in some places they know and speak English, in other places it isn’t common at all. Try to have some way to converse, such as a guide, smartphone app, or a translator.

Source: Tropical MBA