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  • 5 Top Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia

    5 Top Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia

    Although Southeast Asia has long been popular with soul-searching backpackers, the region’s pristine beaches, exquisite cuisine, low prices, and cheap flights have made it popular amongst regular tourists and travelers, too. The following five destinations are some of the best things to do if you are visiting Southeast Asia. Angkor […]

  • Preserving Your Vacation Memories

    Preserving Your Vacation Memories

    Vacation time is precious time – and that’s why families are finding it more important to document their getaways. Junior’s first dive off the board; Jill’s timid entry into the butterfly gardens; how about that horseback ride along the beach? These are all moments we want to capture and remember […]

  • Tips for Traveling to Asia

    Tips for Traveling to Asia

    Extra charges and taxes Most countries in Asia will charge extra fees like visa-on-arrivals and departure tax. Be aware that these charges are going to happen ahead of time and how much they will cost so that you aren’t caught unprepared. Also, be prepared to have different ways to pay. […]

  • How to Save Money for Travel 

    How to Save Money for Travel 

    Sometimes when you hear of people traveling the world for long periods of time, it makes you wonder how they can afford it. It may surprise you that a lot of the people traveling aren’t doing so because they are rich, but instead traveling to make themselves rich in culture […]