vacationphotoVacation time is precious time – and that’s why families are finding it more important to document their getaways. Junior’s first dive off the board; Jill’s timid entry into the butterfly gardens; how about that horseback ride along the beach? These are all moments we want to capture and remember for the rest of our lives.
In a world that craves deeper color, bolder lines, and cutting-edge design, snapping a quick pic just doesn’t suffice.

So here are the Top Five one-of-a-kind ideas for savoring memories from your vacation:

  1. Send yourself a postcard from your trip. It keeps the art of letter-writing alive, and serves as a unique reminder of that totally awesome moment you experienced on your vacation.
  2. Turn your photos into magnets. Whether stuck to your fridge or your filing cabinet this is a great way to pepper your day with reminders of your great getaway. Creating the ingenious doodads is easy.
  3. Create a collage of your vacation. Cut out pictures, glue shells or sparkle sand and glitter onto the collage. Embellish it with funny sayings, notes or dates.
  4. Fill a fish bowl with miniature memorabilia such as sand, shells, pictures, poker chips, coins, beads, matchbooks…even dollhouse furniture that reminds you of that fabulous B & B. The fishbowl can serve as a keepsake and a fabulous conversation piece.
  5. Transfer your favorite vacancy shot onto canvas. While there are many ways to achieve this, here’s one.
    - Generously paint a stretched canvas with a heavy coat of a gel medium, press a copy of your photo onto the gelled-canvas and allow to dry overnight.
    - Evenly spray the dry canvas with water, then gently rub the surface to unpeel pieces of paper from the canvas. As you rub off the paper, your image will slowly be revealed. Caveat creator: this step is messy and takes patience, but the result is an aesthetic amazement.
    - When your “new” image is completely exposed, paint the canvas with a final coat of gel medium.

Remember, the final product will be an image with slight imperfections – but it is those imperfections that turn the memorabilia into an intimate, magnificent piece of art.