Don’t post on social networks that you are leaving town

Don’t post on social networks when you leave town, especially if your profile is open and anybody can see it. By posting that you will be leaving your home unattended, it gives thieves and burglars a great chance and time to break in.

Keep your items in safes when you are in a hotel

Store all of your important items, such as passports, in a safe in your room when you go out on the streets. In some places, it is easy to get your stuff stolen, so it will be hard to leave if you are missing your passport or other important documents. Likewise, don’t take anything with you that is especially important if you can leave it at home. The less risky it is to lose or have something important stolen, the better.

Never show your passports to anyone who is not official or government

Like I said previously, it’s too easy to get your important stuff stolen. Never show your real documents to hotel employees or anyone other than officials. Make copies and show them the copies if they ask. It should never be a problem to do this.

Wear your most valuable items

If you’re traveling by air, wear your most valuable items so that they can’t be lost in luggage or stolen. It’s not the best idea to take expensive items with you in the first place, but if you must, keep it on your person while flying.
It’s not hard to be safe while traveling if you stay smart. Just be sure to always know where you are going, where you are, and be aware of your surroundings to stay the safest you can.

Source: NBC News

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