The experience

If you live in a city or tourist destination, then there’s a big chance you see most people spend their whole vacation with their face behind a camera lens. It’s great to show off pictures, but by focusing on your camera the whole time, are you taking away from the experience that you’re supposed to be having? It’s a great thing to go home and show your family and friends the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen, but it’s the experience you’re after – not the photos.

Lave that camera in your bag once in a while

So many people focus on getting the perfect picture on every picture so that their families and friends back home can see what a great experience they had, but by doing so they are actually missing the experience, and the photos are the only memories they will ever have. If you want to have pictures to remember, perhaps consider taking photos only for certain things, such as a spectacularly beautiful landscape or something important that you want to show people.

Nobody, including you in the future, wants to shuffle through a thousand photos of a landmark that they have seen a million times on the internet or in generic photos, so leave that camera in your bag and actually experience your vacation.

Photography on vacation can be beautiful