Naked Tiger Hostel

Gone are the days of the flea infested, bug bed ridden hostels of yesteryear. If you are young and looking to travel cheap, then consider these 5 great reasons for staying in a hostel.

You get to meet new people

Hostels host people from all over the world, and by staying in the same room you’ll get to meet and talk with a lot of them. Hostels offer all kinds of personalities and nationalities so you’ll learn early on in life to coexist with different people.

The price is exceptionally low

A hostel and a hotel right beside each other probably differ by hundreds in price per night. Why? Hostels are dedicated to helping young adults and students travel and see the world. Hostels know that their typical customer doesn’t have a lot of money to travel with, so they aim a lot lower.

The locations are usually prime

Hostels are often in prime locations that are within walking or riding distance to major sights and popular places. In Dublin, for example, you will find at least a dozen hostels in the center of the city so that guests are within walking distance to anywhere they want to go. If you were to stay in a hotel in those same spots, you would be paying significantly more.

The experience will last forever

A long time from now when you are telling your grandchildren of your travels, they aren’t going to want to hear about how soft the bed was at the fancy hotel you stayed in. They want to hear how you had to sleep next to the guy who swore off deodorant for the rest of the life, traveled with the lady who spoke 37 languages, and stayed up all night swapping ideas with those exciting characters.

Don’t go for comfort, go for the experience.

Source: CollegeGloss