The Mirrorcube

Located in Harads, Sweden, this hotel is 4x4x4 meters and hosts a small room and bathroom for two people. It sits high up in the trees and blends beautifully into its surroundings.

The IceHotel

The IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is the world’s largest ice hotel and is rebuilt every year. Guests sleep on slabs of ice and snow at minus 5 degrees celcius.

Jules Underwater Lodge

In Key Largo, Florida, there is a hotel that rests underwater where guests must dive deep down to get to their rooms. This retired research laboratory requires a scuba certification in order to stay there.

Sandcastle Hotel

Want sand in your shorts? Guests who stayed at the Sandcastle Hotel in Weymouth, UK did! This hotel by the sea featured beds and hotel rooms made entirely of sand! It didn’t last long, but for 15 dollars a night, guests got to experience sleeping under the stars on a soft bed of beach sand.

IKEA Sovhotell

Do you ever find yourself needing a nap while in the middle of a shopping trip? Apparently, some people do because Ikea has built the Sovhotell, located in the shopping area of the Stockholm shopping center.

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